The Pastorial Council

The Pastorial Council

 Parish Pastoral Council's basic purpose and function is to assist the pastor by providing recommendations regarding: • parish vision for the future; • evaluation of pastoral ministries and their effectiveness in meeting parish needs; • general directions, priorities, goals and objectives, long and short range plans, and; • communications and understanding within the parish, between parishes, the diocese and universal Church.
Members of the 2018-2019 Pastoral Council are:

Jerry Nezworski- President 
Therese Pawlak - Secretary
Brian Panich
Donelle Burgarsky
Camille Lupino
Kathy Ambrose
Amanda Jewell
Lorne Buerger
Marisa Buerger
Alison Schlag
Emily Lightfoot
Mike Putzer
Father Binu Joseph - Pastor

Acoording to the Canon Law, the pastor has primary administrative authority of the parish.  Canon 532 states, “the pastor represents the parish in all juridic affairs in accord with the norm of the law: he is to see it that the goods of the parish are administered in accord with the norms of canons 1281-1288.”  Canon Law defines the Parish Finance Council as a mandatory body that provides an advisory and consultative role with the pastor to carry out parish administration.​

Members of the 2018-2019 Finance Council are:

Michael Putzer – President
Don Pelkola – Vice President
Thomas Talaska – Secretary
Patty King
Susan Sikonia
John Rundquist
Fr. Binu Joseph – Pastor​

The Finance Council

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