The Formation of Our Lady Of Peace​
An ispiring ligery inagurated the new Our Lady of Peace in the Ironwood Catholic Community on July 5-6, 1986 with our new pastor, Fr. Norbert Landreville, as celebrant. The culminating decree of our Bishop Mark F. Schmitt marked the consolidation of the three Ironwood parishes of St. Michael’s, St. Ambrose and Holy Trinity. Fr. Landreville expressed some of his thoughts in his first homily as pastor. "What an honor it is to be the first pastor of this new parish and to serve again the Ironwood people whom I have loved so dearly. We begin this one parish uniting the Catholic people of Ironwood under the special call of Our Lady of Peace."

The outward sign of the uniting of the three parishes began at the Offertory when families representing the three former churches brought up their banners and placed them upon the altar cloth. The new banner of Our Lady of Peace was carried forward, elevated beside the altar to signify the oneness of the new parish. The original three banners were retired to the sanctuary. A new era had begun for the Catholic people of Ironwood. It was a time of sadness, reflection, understanding, and accepting. Most of all it was a time of rejoicing and building anew.

Bishop Mark Schmitt chose the name Our Lady of Peace from suggestions made by parishioners. “Let us Build a City of God” has been our chosen theme song based on our vision as a parish. What we have is a people building “The City of God” as an outward sign of God’s love all through the new millennium.

Four years after Our Lady of Peace became a consolidated parish, on Friday, July 13, 1990 a fire devastated the church. Major fire damage was contained in the sanctuary area. With the help of many volunteers, the parish gym was ready with a temporary altar for Saturday Masses the following day. Repairing damage caused by the fire was just one of the many changes that have taken place at Our Lady of Peace since that time. A large addition between the school and parish, The St. Joseph’s Room, has made our entire parish handicapped accessible.

St. Ambrose Church
Our Lady of Peace inside
St. Joseph Room Addition
St. Michaels Church
Our Vision Statement
Our Lady of Peace is a Catholic Community of compassionate, welcoming, and Spirit-filled people. Our encounter with Christ through the Word and Eucharist compels us to spread the Good News, reach out to others, and show Christ in our words and actions.

Our Mission Statement
We, the members of the Ironwood Catholic Community, called together in 1986 to form one faith family under the guidance and the title of Mary, Our Lady of Peace, dedicate ourselves to the work of Christ. Our mission is to proclaim the Gospel in Work, Sacrament, and Faith to serve all people in a Spirit of Christian love. As a faith family, we are to support and strengthen Christian family life through worshiping together regularly, serving in Parish ministry, and providing financial support for the Parish community.

Litany of Loreto  

Our choir loft rose window depicts 8 of the 49 titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary, taken from the Litany of Loreto. This litany dates to the Middle Ages and consists of a list of gracious titles of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Because of its brevity and beauty, this litany became a popular public devotion . When it came into use at the basilica in Loreto, Italy, thousands of pilgrims became familiar with it and returning to their homes, spread its popularity throughout Europe. Scroll down to see an image of this most beautiful window and down even further, for an explanation of the images.

Clockwise from the top: 
1. Queen of Angels 
2. Queen conceived without original sin 
3. Mystical rose 
4. Ark of the covenant 
5. House of gold 
6. Singular vessel of devotion 
7. Morning star 
8. Queen of the most holy Rosary 
9. Our center panel portrays St. Cecilia, virgin and martyr, whose feast day is celebrated November 22. She is the patron saint of musicians. 
Holy Trinity Church
Our spectacular stained glass windows are reminiscent of those in medieval cathedrals. Since many of the faithful were illiterate, stained glass windows were used to teach the story of Christianity. Images portrayed Bible history, the Gospels, the Lives of Saints, and famous legends. As our parish is dedicated to Our Lady, it is appropriate that our rose window portrays a Marian theme.
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