Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood Michigan
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Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood Michigan
Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood Michigan
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Our Lady’s Living Rosary

               Before I comment on the Living Rosary devotion that we will hear about from Frank and Trudy Bonack at all the Masses this weekend, I just want to say Thank You. Thank You for your generous response to the 2nd collection for the aid of persecuted Christians in Iraq. With very little notice, we collected over a $1,000 at last weekend’s Masses. It may seem unreal to us what is going on over there at this time, but it truly is going on. And it truly is frightening that that kind of blatant evil is showing itself for the entire world to see. Our gift of monetary aid and of course our prayers are both critically important at this time. So, again, thank you for your response. I would remind all that the check will not be cut to the Diocese until the 17th of October. So, if someone still wanted to give to that cause but were not prepared to do so last weekend, please feel free to stop in the office to add to the donations already given.

            We do welcome special guests here this weekend from Three Lakes, WI. Frank and Trudy Bonack are doing beautiful work for Our Lady in spreading what is called: “Our Lady’s Living Rosary.” They will explain what that is in their brief talk to the parish this weekend at the end of each Mass. But for those who are unable to be at Mass this weekend for whatever reason and would like to hear all about it, you can hear a 7 minute presentation on YouTube that Frank and Trudy have put together. Simply go to www.Youtube.com and search “Our Lady’s Living Rosary.” It will be the first video that pops up on the top of the page.

            For those who do not have internet access, the mission could be summed up as follows: We are trying to get people committed to praying one decade of the Rosary per day. In these crazy days where time for prayer can be ultra-challenging for many people, a decade of the rosary might seem more “do-able” than an immediate goal of praying the whole thing every day. Many people already pray the Rosary every day and that is great. We do not want to have anyone “cut back” on what they might be already doing. However, many people aren’t familiar with it or are not committed to any Marian devotion on a daily basis yet. Participation in this international program is a great introduction.

This is how evil is pushed back in our world. St. Padre Pio referred to the Holy Rosary as “The Weapon.” I would call it a “weapon of mass conversion.” May we all be soldiers in our Lady’s army and fight the good fight alongside her with the weapons of humility, prayer, mercy, truth, goodness, beauty, and Love—All words that describe her Son Jesus. And that is what the Rosary teaches: How to best get to know Jesus. Mary takes nothing away from Him. She takes us most efficiently to Him.

May the Peace of Christ be with you always!

Fr. Robb



Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood Michigan Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood Michigan

Our Lady of Peace Parish in Ironwood Michigan